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South China Sea: a legal way forward?

Comments on John Hemmings “The South China Sea dispute: a legal solution needed”, 7/12/2011, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/12/07/the-south-china-sea-dispute-a-legal-solution-needed/

It is not a bad idea to seek a legal framework to resolve the South China Sea dispute, although some may fear that whether the existing international legal system or parts of it is biased or influenced by some unfairly.
If the States involved agree it is the best way to move forward, perhaps they should set themselves a sunset clause or deadline, by that time they will move to an agreed international legal framework should the disputes still not resolved through the current precesses.
PS: there are maybe a need for a new international legal frame work to balance the existing ones and legitimate issues of fairness, should any of such issues exist.

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