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Two different issues in emissions

Comments on a comment on Amritha Thiyagarajan “Global climate financing must face greater scrutiny”, 13/12/2011, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/12/13/global-climate-financing-must-face-greater-scrutiny/

Although what you said is true, there is, however, a clear and big difference between the visible part and the less visible part of emissions.
What you said is probably and largely the visible part of population like air quality and what quality. Those problems have largely been resolved in most developed countries.
The current issue that both Kyoto and ever since has been more focused on the less visible part of carbon dioxide that is said to cause global warming.

So, for China and many developing countries there are "double" tasks, one is to deal with the visible and local part, as sometimes shown on TV reports even by developed world such as in Australia about the air population in China, and the other is for the carbon dioxide.
Arguably, the first task has more rapid and localised effect on their people and countries.

It is useful to understand the differences.

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