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A new and special structure for the unification of the Taiwan Strait

Comments on Bonnie S. Glaser and Brittany Billingsley “US, China await Taiwan elections with apprehension”, 23/12/2011 http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/12/23/us-china-await-taiwan-elections-with-apprehension/
In the short to media term, the stability in the relation cross the Taiwan strait will be good for every party involved, including both sides of the strait, the US, as well as the DPP.
In the long term, it would be conceivable to establish a new special structure for the eventual political unification of the two sides of the strait.
Deng Xioping was said to have stated that a structure more loose than the "one country, two systems" structure that has been applied to both Honk Kong and Macao, including Taiwan has its own military system etc.

I personally think that a special political name for reference to Taiwan, such as Taiwan特州()(special state), to differentiate from the “Special Administration Region” used for both Honk Kong and Macao.

In China's long history, there were periods when was used as a region within China, so the use of this Chinese character may be acceptable to the Chinese, especially as a compromise between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. could also be used, given that Taiwan is an big island, surrounded by water, hence the left part of the character.

If such a political structure or system were to be adopted, China would have several different special regions, including Taiwan as the most special one, then Hong Kong and Macao, then minority ethnic autonomous regions, special directly administered municipalities, beside the many provinces.

As long as Taiwan is unified with the mainland and both work for win-win outcome to benefit both, then Taiwan can be expected to have much broader international space.

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