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How long would it take for the RMB to internationalise?

Comments on Gunter Dufey “The renminbi’s internationalisation: a reality check”, 29/11/2011, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2011/11/29/the-renminbi-s-internationalisation-a-reality-check/#more-23060

I have no idea about the reality and more Importantly the prospect of the renminbi’s internationalisation, but one may be totally surprised or even shocked if the pace accelerates rapidly to an unprecedented speed.
Just as the rapid rise of the Chinese economy along with its international trade, it is entirely possible that the renminbi’s internationalisation may be even fast once China realise its benefits greatly outweigh its costs.
In theory, internationalise a currency should be easier than rapidly increase a country's share in international trade, given the fact currency similar to monetary adjustment can be instantaneous, while trade or the real economy would move rather slowly, as demonstrated by the famous exchange rate overshooting and the simple IS-LM curve macroeconomic framework.

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