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Future federation between Taiwan and China

Comments on Wen-Ti Sung "Taiwan’s strategic confusion", 5/04/2013, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2013/04/04/taiwans-strategic-confusion/

It appears to be the case that as China gets stronger economically and militarily, the best future freedom of Taiwan is a federational style unification with China, with a new federal constitution to safeguard the freedom of Taiwan as long as it remains a part of the Greater Chinese federation.
The safeguard should go to more than that applied to Hong Kong and probably should allow the one country and two systems remain as long as the either side chooses to, and the internal security of Taiwan should remain its own and mainland troops won’t entre into Taiwan for a long period such as 100 years or more. The mainland won’t interfere the internal political governance of Taiwan as long as it maintains the new federal constitution.
Both sides should adopt a practical approach to the relations.

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