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Longevity and productivity

Comments on Tomoko Kinugasa "Reaping the rewards of the second demographic dividend", 1/04/2013, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2013/04/01/reaping-the-rewards-of-the-second-demographic-dividend/
While the first demographic dividend is logically true, the second one may still need to be fully tested, given that many older population now have already faced the longevity without necessarily the high savings made during their working age.

Further, younger working age people may use the same logic that when they are older the young may support them just the same as they are supporting the now older population.I think the more practical policy should be to make use the more important demographic dividend resulting from longevity, that is, the more experience and more accumulated knowledge of those older people and their increased health at the normal retirement age. That is the increased longevity also means the increase of working age and at the knowledge age more productive working people at older but still working age.What this means is the second demographic dividend should be more of the way to utilise both the increased working age and the increased productivity of longevity as compared to increasing savings per year during the working age.

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