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Subsidies to the car industry - needing to compare with benefits

Comments on Remy Davison "Is supporting the car industry so expensive, compared to our heavily subsidised lives", 10/04/2013, https://theconversation.com/is-supporting-the-car-industry-so-expensive-compared-to-our-heavily-subsidised-lives-13386
In the article Professor Davison sates that "The Germans are also looking at electric car subsidies. The Germans also subsidize their car industry to the tune of about $US95 per capita. A far cry from Australia’s $AUD18. Not quite the $US260 the Americans pay per head."

While this may be true, what are the different contexts for each of them? For example, the $US260 in America, is it like this every year or just at times of GFC or a particular year of the GFC period?

Furthermore, even these figures were accepted as the general picture and the relative subsidies in these countries, what are the benefits per head in each of the countries?

Only compare the costs and benefits can the whole pictures be understood.

We need fuller and better information to be fully informed.

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