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US and China need to understand each other for the common good

Comments on Yuhan Zhang and Lin Shi "Conflict between China and the US is not inevitable", 14/04/2013, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2013/04/13/conflict-between-china-and-the-us-is-not-inevitable/
People should realise that the so called idea of American offensive realists are already proven unworkable by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
If the US, together with the support of NATO and other coalition partners, find it impossible to win those wars where the two countries are really very small in many aspects and at a time when interest rates have been super low, how can the US alone win a major win with China where it has the world’s largest population and second largest economy and when interest rates are unlikely to remain as favorable as in the first decade of the twenty first century? Further the Chinese economy is likely to grow at a much higher speed than that of the US’s?
China has always argued for its peaceful rise and there is no reason to believe peace is not in China’s own interests.
As a result, American offensive realists should realise that their ideas are unworkable and will be discreditable if they continue to push them.
The only realistic way forward in the US and China relations is for the two countries to understand that neither will be able to dominate the other without significant and unbearable costs to both sides.
Once this becomes clear, the two should engage in cooperation as well as economic competition as any two normal countries would do peacefully.

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