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Set a revenue to GDP ratio to improve policy making and service delivery

Comments on John Freebairn "Federal Budget 2013: Why our unsustainable structural deficit must be tackled", 29/04/2013, https://theconversation.com/federal-budget-2013-why-our-unsustainable-structural-deficit-must-be-tackled-13723

I largely agree with the remark by the author that "The mix of tax increases and expenditure reductions require society to make judgements about the relative roles of government and the private sector, and about the relative merits of more or less limited income and resources allocated to government goods and services versus private sector provided goods and services."
Personally, I think there should be a ceiling of taxation revenue to GDP ratio to constrain any government irrespective to their political persuasions, otherwise, it is too easy for politicians to raise tax rates, increase new taxes and levies. Politicians' mandates should be set with a clear limit, so they can focus better on better policies and efficient service delivery.
I personally think that all government revenues to the GDP ratio should not exceed a third for the near future; that would leave two thirds to the private sector. In the longer term, 30% should be aimed for.
Within that broad parameter, the three levels of government should have an agreed shares of the different revenues according to their service responsibilities.

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