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Nuclear power has a role in power generation mix

Comments on Vlado Vivoda "After Fukushima: the future of nuclear power in Asia", 16/03/2013, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2013/03/16/after-fukushima-the-future-of-nuclear-power-in-asia/

While it is a very sad accident with very serious environmental impact, the Japanese nuclear disaster should not be seen as a typical indication of nuclear power station safety.
Geographically, Japan is an earthquake prone country, with possible tsunami as a result.
From that point of view, many other countries should not be too unduly worried by the Japanese nuclear disaster, even though short term adverse reactions are inevitable.
Just imagine if the world had banned airplanes from flying following the 9/11 terrorist attack of the world trade centre. Would that be a rational response to such an event?
Secondly, reports indicate that newer generation of nuclear power technology are much safer than the earlier ones.
Thirdly, human beings learn from mistakes and history, and advance further in dealing with technologies.
Fourthly, climate change and emissions reduction represent a huge challenge to many countries, developed and developing alike. Limiting the use of nuclear power generation would make that task even harder.

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