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Need to be fair - the riots in Urumqi, Xinjiang China

Comments on David Brophy “Uighurs lying low in brave new world”, 10/07/2009, http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25757933-5015664,00.html

Mr Brophy, you say that “the Uighurs who took to the streets on Sunday were not rallying for independence but for law and order, demanding justice for the violent deaths of Uighur workers in Guangdong province”, but what about those Han Chinese killed by those Uighurs in Urumqi? Were they for law and order when they were killing other innocent people?

You say that, to quote: “Now it is the Uighurs who must remain silent, lying low in fear of Han reprisals, with communications in and out of Urumqi shut down. For now, their voices will be drowned out by the patriotic chants of street patrols and cries for vengeance from their Han neighbours, who think the Uighurs have never had it so good.”

What do you want them to do? More killings of other innocent people by them or some of them? Isn’t it the case that both sides need to be calming down and obey law and order?

You say that, “In Xinjiang, formal equality runs up against real inequality and racism.” What is your evidence of racism towards the Uighurs by the Chinese government or Hans? The Uighurs enjoy special preferential rights as a minority ethnic group in China, as most other minority groups do. As you mention their entry scores are lowered than their Han counterparts. What is wrong with that? Is that racism?

You say that “Fearing that the unity of China is at stake, Han residents of Urumqi have taken up arms in the righteous defense of the motherland”. Don’t you think you are distorting the truth? Don’t anyone need to have self defense? Why anyone’s self defense a part of fearing a country’s unity? What logic is that?

Why are you so biased and distorting the truth? Don’t you feel shameful of your doing?

Also, why The Australian only publish one sided and distorted story?

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