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The PM should keep his hands off the press

Comments on Glenn Milne “Settling old scores”, 6/07/2009, http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25737024-33435,00.html

The Prime Minister and his government have not only become a strong interventionist government, they want to control the freedom of the press. It is a dangerous development. The tightly control of information to the press and spins the Prime Minister and the government use are damaging to the health of the press. Any attempt to weaken the press further will be even more harmful.

It has been unfortunate that the opposition has significant shortcomings and flaws and has been ineffective in holding the government to account of its flawed policies. The Utegate affair further weakened the opposition’s effectiveness.

The combination of a strong controlling government that spend taxpayers’ money recklessly and a weak and ineffective opposition is bad for Australia and Australians. We need a strong opposition to keep the government honest and effective and efficient in governing.

At this particular time, a strong, free and no-fear press is especially important in advancing Australia fair. Government should not attempt to pressure the press and restrict its freedom in reporting.

The press needs to continue to live up to the public’s expectations that it is free, accurate, informational and unbiased.

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