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Fundamental inconsistency embedded in John Lee's argument

Comments on John Lee “China will not be tamed”, 7/05/2010, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/China-power-economic-west-foreign-relations-policy-pd20100506-579DV?OpenDocument&src=sph

It seems that John Lee, while arguing for democracy on the one hand, does not really understand what democracy means internationally or in a multiple governments environment, does he?

Lee is deeply entrenched with the existing order in the current environment and is not comfortable with any changes or evolution of it as the environment changes.

As environment changes, one can expect that existing orders may change as well. That should not be too different from the case the case when a child grows up, he will have a fuller say on many issues he has not got, such as drinking, voting rights and etc.

One has to wonder if Lee's thinking or views or beliefs, no matter how dear they might be to him, are really realistic.

Further, one has to think if the fundamentally inconsistency deeply embedded in his argument reflects some sort of shortcomings in his belief.

And, that goes equally to his analysis, I am afraid to say.

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