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Telstra's goose: cooked or to be cooked?

Comments on Alan Kohler “Telstra's goose is cooked”, 7/05/2010, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Telstras-goose-is-cooked-pd20100507-57S9U?OpenDocument&src=sph

The first point that I'd like to make is: while silly and temporary monopoly government has the power to do it and could do what the $25 million implementation report suggests in one of the scenarios, is it in the national interest? Or is it creating a good business environment for private businesses to do their businesses and invest in Australia? Or, will other parliamentary parties go along with the temporarily monopoly government in such an approach?

The second point is: while there is a high price tag for the "independent" report, is that reasonable for people including commentators to just assume all the report's views and analyses are correct and assumptions realistic?

In short, it is too early and premature to declare that Telstra should do this or that without deeply analyse the $25m report.

Which approach is prudent, Mr Kohler? It is highly likely that you are jumping too early , and too hastily!

Telstra’s goose still needs to be cooked very carefully!

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