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Broad context of the NK issues

Comments on Andrei Lankov “Why does China continue to support North Korea?” 14/05/2010, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2010/05/14/why-does-china-continue-to-support-north-korea/

While I may or may not share the argument, analysis and conclusions of both the author and the comments, I think the focus on China on issues related to North Korea and not to mention others is likely to be highly problematic and biased.

It is not only China but also other parties that are involved in this issue and contribute to the development of the issues and responses from North Korea, whether those responses are reasonable and rational or not.

I remember one earlier post identified that some of the failures in the six party meetings on North Korea issues including denuclearisation had been caused or at least contributed by some other party members.

Conceivably, everyone would acknowledge that North Korea would consider its own interests and those are inevitably differs from some the other parties including China's.

While the focus has been on North Korea, the full resolution of the issues from the Korea peninsular is likely to require every party to make concessions, not just North Korea, or China, or any other single member.

Only examining and analysing the issues in that broader context is it possible to be rational, sensible and practical. Anything otherwise is unlikely to be particularly productive and fruitful.

One should not be kidding oneself and others.

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