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Abbott and Rudd health reform

Comments on Paul Kelly, “Abbott march checked by a dose of realism”, 27/03/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/abbott-march-checked-by-a-dose-of-realism/story-e6frg6zo-1225846160109

On health, there is an easy way for Abbott, namely, accepting the invitation for cooperative bipartisan approach to participate in the process and be prepared to negotiate, and at the same time ask Rudd to be cooperative with the States to have their acceptance of Rudd's health plan, or accept Abbott's alternative or modified plan.

That can neutralise the health issues and put spotlight on Rudd for cooperation with other parties, namely the States and other political parties.

Abbott can ask Rudd's assistance with costing by public services for different scenarios, through which to potentially expose the deficiencies and shortcomings of the Rudd plan.

So, it would appear that it will be more difficult for Rudd than Abbott, if a cooperative plan is to be developed.

If Abbott can’t grab the opportunity presented to him, he is bound to be finished as an alternative prime minister.

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