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Wake up to modern and real world please

Comment on Terry McCrann “Rio Tinto gets to grips with a new reality in China over Stern Hu & co”, 27/03/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/opinion/rio-tinto-gets-to-grips-with-a-new-reality-in-china-over-stern-hu-co/story-e6frg9if-1225846167483

With all respect, it appears that the author relies too much on "guess" work and has used too little rational analysis and intuition based on facts.

Closer economic ties with China do not necessarily mean any loss of sovereignty or dignity for Australia, in a modern, globalised and progressive world.

The past and outdated mentality of power international politics emanating from Australia's reliance on the US as a protector has had too much bearing on some Australians, so they cannot escape from it and continue to use that in their analysis of the future.

Closer economic ties in the context of different political systems and values to some extent means both ways: we need China and China needs us, it should be a win-win to both, not the situation where one wins and other loses.

The world is moving to a multi polar system and becoming more equal as opposed to hegemony, or two camp rivalries. Politically speaking, differences in size like population are becoming less and less important.

Our analysts and commentators cannot live in the past forever but to catch up with the new international reality.

Otherwise they will become irrelevant.

PS: the fact that it has been so difficult (maybe for some even impossible) to come to terms that Stern Hu and his other three colleagues have accepted bribes, just manifests so clearly how close-minded some people in Australia are. Don't any Australians commit crimes or behave inappropriately ever?
Rio was adamant that Stern Hu did not do anything wrong earlier on, how did it know for that sure? Did it monitor their movements in China all the time? Was that possible? That simply blind faith just defies logic and begs belief.

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