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Stronger independent institutions needed to improve governance

Comments on ABC report “Keneally, O'Farrell accentuate the positive during debate”, 26/03/2010, http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/03/26/2856993.htm?section=justin

I share one point by Mr O'Farrell, namely, the government should not make changes to its election promises that easily.

NSW, as for Australia as well, needs stronger institutions to minimise the detrimental impacts of short term focus by political parties for short term political gains at the expense of the taxpayers, the State and the country.

Stronger institutions mainly comprised of public services and politically independent private sector representatives should formulate long term strategies and plans that are good and will be good for the taxpayers and are not affected by short terms political opportunists, irrespective whichever side of politics is in government.

Those strategies and plans should be published and updated, independent of the government, and are always available to compare with what government's policies and plans. In that way, taxpayers will have more information and are equipped with independent advices to scrutinise government policies and priorities.

That will be better and good for the State and the country.

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