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Treasury under Dr Henry

Comments on Nicola Berkovic “Treasury boss Ken Henry's plea on climate”, 29/03/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/treasury-bosss-plea-on-climate/story-e6frg6xf-1225846612979

It is good to hear Treasury boss talking about climate change.

The report mentions two points, water in Australia and international climate change agreement or lack of it.

It would be interesting to know what Treasury has done in terms of both points.

What advice or policy proposals has Treasury given to the government in terms of water in Australia?

What advice or policy proposals has Treasury given to the government in terms of climate change, including both domestic ETS and international agreement?

Dr Henry talked about free rider in terms of international agreement on climate change.

What has Treasury advised the government in terms of a fair, effective and efficient international agreement on climate change?

From available information on the domestic ETS and Australian government's proposal on international agreement and its doing before and at Copenhagen, it is difficult to see any good, reliable economically sound proposals were made.

For example, how can Australia government solve the national water problem? There have been years and years past and a lot of talks have been done, but the situation has improved little.

How can Australia advance an international agreement on climate change with fair and internationally acceptable, efficient and effective international or world policies to deal with climate change?

The prime minister was a friend of the chair of Copenhagen and was involved in the draft document leaked or circulated at the gathering. Was that a fair, efficient and effective proposal?

What is or was Treasury view on this and more broadly?

One has to wonder why the Treasury boss only talks, but with few actions.

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