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Early election will be a loser for the government

Comments on Peter Hartcher "Fairfax-Ipsos Poll: Malcolm Turnbull a cautious PM, and voters are punishing him for it", 18/04/2016

I suspect that the best action for the Mr Turnbull the PM from now on would be defer the early election push, so to give the himself and the government a bit more time to reverse the decline in its popularity and to return to a more certain winning position late this year.

I would certainly advise the PM to go down this road and to have some thing done to impress the public and the voters. The following would contribute to that:

1. Have the budget well prepared and done to be an excellent budget for the election year, not only in terms of election sweetening, but also containing some election winning measures or policies.

2. Do something to win the public over for the next six months, including things like a tax reform package or at least one or some important and memorable item

3. Have a meaningful and achievable reform item to the federation

4. Make some inroad into the development of Northern Australia

5. Identify weaknesses of the opposition and nail down on them, to make the opposition on the run

If the above can be done successfully, the election will be unlosable and will be in the bag. It will be a revival of the PM's satisfactory rating once he would have shown real actions.

On the other hand, it would be extremely uncertain to win the election on early July and the most likely outcome is a hung parliament that would be damaging not only to the current government but also the nation.

So there is so much at stake and I hope the PM will be wise enough to have the election late this year as opposed to an election in July.

Having said that, I am politically neutral to the two main political parties.

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