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Time for wisdom, judgement and courage now for the PM

Comments on Michelle Grattan "It’s certain – Australians off to the polls on July 2 for double dissolution", 18/04/2016

It now will be a test of Turnbull’s wisdom, judgement and courage, possibly in the two opposite ways, that is, to call or not to call a double dissolution election.

Yes, he has threatened to have a double dissolution election and now has got the trigger. But that does not mean a double dissolution is in his and the government’s favour of winning the election if it goes for such one.I

f he really cares about winning the election, wisdom in conjunction with the most recent polls may suggest that the best action to take may not be a double dissolution election and that requires courage to reverse his earlier threat for having one.

Will he do it or not, that will be the question now until he announces one way or the other.

in that respect, it may not be that certain at all, but we will see what happens from now on.

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