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Commenting on 'What might a new Asian order look like?'

Comments on Robert A. Manning and Jim Przystup "What might a new Asian order look like?" 12/04/2016

This article is really lacking of imagination, to say the least, because its real aim was probably to maintain the continued dominance of the US which they seem to have a strong interest.

The rise of the US following Britain may serve as a path if the US and the authors will try to do what the British did when it faced challenges from the US.

Could Britain in any way to stop the rise of the US and the change in the world order, given the economic power of the latter and its strengths in military or the ability to transform part of its economic power into military power if and when it was needed?

Could there have been an alternative and better trajectory than what was then? Could Britain have possibly been able to contain the USA forever?

Further, did all the former masters of former colonies adopted the best and fair strategies when their former colonies began to ask for independence? Were they really all caring the interests of those colonies instead of leaving some tricky and divisive legacies behind?

Would that have always been justified to maintain the status quo at those times?

One may like the certainty of the present time, but future will definitely be different from the present, although sometimes it is harder to predict what it will be exactly.

The following is the second part of my comments on the article:

The authors seem to think Asian people cannot come up with an Asian order that benefit all Asians. If that is true, they run the serious risk of being significantly estimating the intelligence and creativity of Asians.

What might a new Asian order look like?

Firstly, a simplest answer would be if the Americans are wise enough to not interfere with Asian affairs, that would be a big part of a new Asian order. Asians can live well by themselves without their interference. The US can do a rebalance back to its own country in America!

Secondly, a new Asian order would be that where all Asian countries are proud members of their regional organisation and being respected not by each other themselves but by other interregional plays, big and small.

Thirdly, a new Asian order would be where the Chinese, the Indians, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Russians, and ASEAN people and all other Asian people are masters of Asia and work together toward the rise of Asia, beyond the rise of of any single or small group of countries in Asia.

Fourthly, the Americans, the Europeans are no longer able to arrogantly regard themselves as the first and second world and treat Asians as the third world people. They will not be able to monopoly that status for themselves.

The above are elements of a new Asian order and of an Asian dream.

It would be a proud Asian dream similar to but more than what King's dream was, because Asians have shown some of that already.

Yes, there are some Asians who like to beg their uncle Sam because it is now still the superpower but they don't have true Asian characters.

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