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"Dark period" is a over exaggeration

Comments on Editors, East Asia Forum "The limits to Chinese political power"

While many may have concerns regarding China’s direction in many fronts but particularly in its political direction, the use of the words “dark period” by Minzner to describe the current development and situation in the Chinese political system and governance is a bit unfortunate.

Yes President Xi has centralised certain controls, but that may be a over correction to the previous ineffective central leadership. I am not particularly knowledgeable of the central governance in China under President Hu, but there is saying that, in Chinese, “政令不出中南海“ (in English, it roughly means government commands does not go outside the Zhongnanhai, the Chinese Communist government’s Headquarters location) that may bear some truth of that ineffectiveness.

Whether it is collective leadership, or otherwise, that kind of ineffectiveness, if true, can be problematic for any country.

My best hope would be that the current development represents what in Chinese “矫枉过正”, that is, an overcorrection.

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