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New emperor's new cloths re security order in Asia

Comments on H. D. P. Envall from ANU "Strategy under the surface of the Australia–Japan sub deal", 18/04/2016

I sense the undertone of this post is to strengthen the so called 'trilateral alliance' of the US, Australia and Japan to encircle or tackle China.

The author may benefit from reading the following by a respected Australian journalist or media commentator, Michael Pascoe: "Australia shouldn't pay price for 'pivot', available on the Canberra Times website, April 18 2016 - 12:50PM, http://www.canberratimes.com.au/business/world-business/australia-shouldnt-pay-price-for-pivot-20160418-go8rat.html.

It presents facts as opposed to the often argued and hyped what is 'right' under existing security order in Asia.

Those hypocrites have been exposed as another version of Emperor's new cloths story.

Michael Pascoe's article should be republished on the Eastasiaforum, as a well respected and independent Australian journalist and current affairs commentator.

The Eastasiaforum has, regretablly and unfortunately, published many distorting articles, not based on facts but reflecting biased views serving the purposes of some circles.

It is unclear whether the editors have thoughtfully and dutifully sought factual based responses to those articles.

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