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Important for ministers to work smart than hard

Comments on Michael Koziol "Election 2016: How Michaelia Cash became the new Eddie Everywhere of Australian politics", 18/04/2016

While that phrase is not wrong and admirable for many, it should also be combined with work smart and work smarter. However, this is also a case similar to the political correctness, most people probably have a feeling that it would not be correct to say otherwise, just as the minister has done.

For a federal politician and government minister, she has got a lot of resources to work for her and that is for sure. What that means is she needs to stand on top of those resources and make sure they are well used to assist her in making the right decisions.

She does not need to, and does not have to, work her butt off. The main thing is her judgement and the ability/capacity to make informed decisions. Some political operability would help in getting things done and achieve.

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