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No need to do make-ups for the ugly intention behind the TPP

Comments on Patrick Mendis and Dániel Balázs "When the TPP and One Belt, One Road meet", 28/04/2106

While it may be the hopes and more like wishes of the authors of this post, one has to face the reality that President Obama’s clear statement on his purposes of TTP in terms of the relationship between the US and China. His TPP is to deliberately exclude China and make it extremely difficult for China to join. The TPP is not aimed at promote the benefits of trade and to promote regional growth and prosperity.

On the other hand, the One Belt One Road initiative by China is to strengthen economic growth for the whole region at least covered by that initiative and does not purposefully exclude any countries if they wish to join.

There is a strong and unambiguously contrast between the two, reflecting a declining and difficult power versus a rising, friendly and hopeful and helpful power.

There is no point to ‘make up’ things to make an ugly thing falsely appearing looking good and to wishfully think in almost the manner of the ’emperor’s new cloth’. One should be able to see and say what it is or what they are.

The authors should expose the ugly truth of the TPP, or more precisely, some of the ugly intention behind it, as it is.

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