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US increasingly waning capacity to be the world policeman

Comments on James Curran "Trouble at sea for the US and its Asian allies", 20/04/2016

This post appears to suggest that the US confrontational style approach in the context of maintaining US supremacy is justified. Ironically, the US has a choice to make and it is interesting to know that not every American shares the author’s view.

While many people both outside and inside the US may find that the Trump phenomenon puzzling and frightening, the very phenomenon certainly reflects some uncomforting reality.

One has to consider whether the US will continue to have the capacity to be the world policeman, irrespective whether the policeman has done a good job or not.

Another question is whether it is in the US interest to attempt to continue the role of world policeman. It is not costless to the US. At some point it may find that it will no longer be able to afford it.

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