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Accountability important to governance - parliament debates not a waste

Comments on David Penberthy “Memo MPs: the public has had a gutful of Utegate”, 24/06/2009, http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/memo-mps-public-has-had-a-gutful-of-utegate/

It is regrettable things like these happened in Federal politics. But it is important for both sides of politics to hold the other side accountable for what they do. This is an important check and balance in our democracy and governance.

If any blames are to be made, the receivers should be the government and its ministers. They created the whole thing in the first place.

The government also used the public services and the police improperly to gain party advantages at the expense of justice and the opposition. Both public services and the police also acted poorly and improperly. Treasury did not act as independently and impartial and non-political as it should. Neither did the police in its inquiry.

The imprudent tactics by Turnbull just unfortunately created an opportunity for the government and the Prime Minister to seize to cover their own mess in the Utegate affairs. There is a lesson for Turnbull and its close ministers in terms of political skills.

The whole drama indicates there should be a royal commission inquiry into this matter, including the roles of politicians and public services and the police. Further there should be a judiciary body, like NSW State ICAC, to handle and investigate potential impropriety of federal politicians, as well as bureaucrats. Leave matters like the Utegate fiasco to government is unfair to the public.

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