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Frustrated Gottliebsen is desperate now!

Comments on Robert Gottliebsen “OZ in self-sabotage?” 8/06/2009, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/OZ-in-self-sabotage-pd20090608-STFB8?OpenDocument&src=sph&alerts&loc=center

Mr Gottliebsen has now gone a step further along his chosen road of interfering OZ businesses, after his earlier failed attempts to do so. He is advocating for OZ to go into administration.

Mr Gottliebsen, aren't you ashamed that you have failed so miserably on this issue? Now you still can’t face up with and don’t concede your failure, and are resorting to a disgraceful public sabotage of the OZ board you have consistently said that it did a good job just because it has not listened to your failed idea or advice?

You really think you alone are better than the board, don’t you? Who and what has given your that right and self confidence or indulgence?

You self-claim that you are for the shareholders of OZ. Why don’t give those shareholders a fair chance for them to decide what is best for their interest and the best course to take by themselves, rather than messing up and confusing the issue, mudding the water, stirring up irresponsibility?

There are significant uncertainties surrounding the mere survival of OZ. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is just one of the syndicate as the creditors to OZ. Morris oral saying is not good enough for the board to take it as a secure undertaking of all creditors. You yourself said that there are some rebel creditors. Who can guarantee the finance can be secured with certainty?

You advocated for administration. Have you calculated what that means for the shareholders?

It is interesting what you real motives are and what purpose you want to achieve. I think you should shut up and mind your own business. Don’t talk nonsense and vent your frustration. You are not a board member and have no responsibility for the shareholders of OZ.

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