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The Utegate affairs - a conspiracy of some sort?

Comments on Harry Clark “Swan should go & maybe but probably not Rudd”, 21/06/2009, http://www.harryrclarke.com/2009/06/21/swan-should-go-maybe-rudd/

The email is proven to be fake and was reportedly concocted within Treasury.

Swan has another reason to resign, because he is the Treasurer and the email was from his department that generated the recent Utegate political drama. By the way, the drama did reveal Swan misled the parliament and he should go definitely without any doubt left.

Besides, was there a conspiracy of some sort here? There are a few questions. First, why and how was the fake email sent to Grech who appeared in the Senate estimates and distressed and said he remembered an email of this sort but said could not find it?

Second, why was the email purported to be from Rudd's office?

Third, why didn't other more senior Treasury officials who received other emails sent to Swan's home or office, indicating some sort of special treatment of Grant, point out to Grech that that action or behaviour is inappropriate?

Fourth, why and how was such a fake email leaked, first to the opposition and then to the media?

Fifth, why did all these happen to Grech who also worked for Hockey briefly in the past?

Six, why the first internal IT search within PMC and Treasury did not find any fake email, but the police say that fake email was from Treasury?

It seems there is a need for Royal Commission inquiry of the whole thing. There should be not only heads roll from politicians, but also from senior bureaucrats such as the Treasury head as John Stone implied, given the role they played in the Utegate affairs.

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