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The US has other moral obligations beyond the elimination of nuclear arms

Comments on Tomohiko Satake “Obama, and Japan’s going nuclear”, 2/06/2009, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/06/02/obama-and-japans-going-nuclear/

A world free of any nuclear weapons will be good for everyone, except some handful. Nuclear disarmament of the two nuclear superpowers should be welcomed by all countries.

Just as Japan's nuclear dilemma, if the Americans are serious of world including Asia peace and stability, they should cease to continue their cold war thinking and strategies and put an end to NATO's expansion, and begin to dismantle all cold war military structure, treaties and organisations.

The world needs a new security structure that is based on UN Security Council. For that to be effective and reliable, the Security Council needs to be reformed. Broader permanent representation of the world current reality is required. The veto power by each of the 5 permanent members should change to make it less extreme.

Americans not only have the moral obligation for eliminating all nuclear arms, they, as the sole superpower and the leader of the only cold war era legacy of NATO, also have the moral obligation to bury all cold war legacies and to establish a new collective world security.

Eventually, the world should be a place of humanity of permanent peace and every country, every nation, irrespective large or small, no matter of rich or poor will live with dignity, peace and harmony. They will compete (just like the market economy) as well as cooperate with each other for prosperity and better living standard.

In this light, the title of Tomohiko Satake' article does not appear to be well conceived. At least it does not sit well with Japanese foreign minister's 11 benchmarks for global nuclear disarmament, as mentioned in the article.

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