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Commendable actions - the resignation of Fitzgibbon

The former defence minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, resigned from that ministry as the minister yesterday. The PM, Kevin Rudd has accepted his resignation.

Credit when credit is due. Both men are commendable in their actions.

Fitzgibbon was a good defence minister, as the PM said. He made a significant contribution to that portfolio during his short stay as the defence minister, driving a reform agenda.

He fell to his own sword not as a result of his incompetency as a minister, but due to his untidiness in managing his own affairs.

The PM, in upholding the ministerial code of conduct, should be praised. A competent and high standard ministry will be good for Australia and will win the public's backing.

Rudd, though I have criticised him for some policy matters, is a hard working prime minister. So are most of his ministers. I have no question about their work ethics at all. My criticises have been on the correctness, effectiveness and efficiency of some policies.

I hope Rudd will continue his drive to deliver good governance to Australians and hope he will be successful.

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