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Same colleagues with quite different approaches to OZ minerals

Comments on Stephen Bartholomeusz “Money or the box for OZ Minerals?” 10/06/2009, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/OZs-search-for-value-pd20090610-SV5QV?OpenDocument&src=sph

Bartholomeusz's article is more objective and much sensible than that of Gottliebsen's.

There are uncertainties associated with the latest offers. Also, why could those offers have been made earlier? Are there some tricky nasties in those offers? What is the probability or likelihood of failure of the last minute proposal? Those are the issues the board has to work out or make a judgement. You can't just refuse the Minmetals offer without calculating the risk weighted value of the other offer.

Gottliebsen has been acting hysterically with high emotion and no rationality and common sense. Gottliebsen needs to be a fair dinkum and should not be acting as an irresponsible outsider to tell either the board or the shareholders what they should do.

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