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Rudd government needs to change its FTTH NBN plan

Comments on Alan Kohler “A tale of two networks”, 3/06/2009, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/A-tale-of-two-broadbands-pd20090603-SMSX3?OpenDocument&src=sph

The government's proposal of FTTH NBN has been an ill conceived sham. It was a poor product of a frustrated government and its ministers, possibly supported by incompetent advisors.

What the government needs to do now is to replace the communications minister to save Rudd's skin and to change tactics, given that Telstra has replaced its chairman and CEO. Then the government, Telstra and other interested parties with some capacities can come to the table and discuss the best strategies going forward with a most cost effective and user friendly NBN.

I think such a NBN may start with FTTN and FTT important users initially, supplemented by the existing copper, then to expand it when necessary. It may even be possible for commercial firms, big or small to expand the NTH part, such as some of the existing ones.

The government should get rid of all those advisors who have advocated the NTTH with a cost tag of $43 billion from its advisors. They have been proven to be useless and irresponsible.

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