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We need a clean slate design for an Asia regional architecture

Comments on Hadi Soesastro “Architectural momentum in Asia and the Pacific”, 14/06/2009, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/06/14/architectural-momentum-in-asia-and-the-pacific/

It appears there are a few different proposals for establishing some sort of a regional forum for Asia, East Asia, and/or Asia Pacific. It is a health development and reflects a strong desire from the regional nations, broader or narrower.

It also appears that there is a need to approach the design of such a or more regional forums from a clean slate, as opposed to be constrained by some existing forums, although it is possible that some of the existing regional forums could be transformed into new forums people are thinking about.

The constraints of existing forums on thinking or designing new regional architecture can be understood, since people tend to think from own experiences. After all, most peoples’ thinking is bounded rationality, framed by the environment in which they work or are familiar with.

The main problem with those constraints is that it is more difficult to consider all feasible options, so results in sub-optimal with long term consequences. We have APEC, ASEAN plus 3, East Asian Summit. We have different proposals, like Rudd’s APC, Korean’s Caucus, etc.

I personally like an Asian Union, an Asian organisation, because there is no such similar organisation in Asia as in other continents. Yes, there is an Asia Development Bank as an Asian regional bank, then why there is no other regional forum to coordinate more broad issues across the Asian region? It is very peculiar indeed.

I look forward to seeing a creative and the most optimal design and thinking for an Asia regional organisation. Other trans-regional forums have their usefulness, but they cannot fulfil the needs of all Asians, or the Asian nations. A clean slate approach to the design is urgently needed.

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