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Hard and effective sanctions against DPRK are the only way left

Comments on Ron Huisken “Is Pyongyang reacting to or shaping events?” 6/06/2009, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/06/06/is-pyongyang-reacting-to-or-shaping-events/

It is disappointing that the UNSC has been so slow in coming up with a new sanction resolution. The slowness and indecisiveness of UNSC may create an impression that the international community is unable to effectively deal with DPRK and its missile and nuclear tests. That is unfortunate, no matter who have been holding up the UNSC process.

China should realise that it has lost its kind and subtle influence over DPRK and continue its past strategies will not work. DPRK appears to have got an upper hand over whatever China’s strategies in the six party talks have been. It can only be forced to the negotiation table through hard and effective sanctions. So China needs to fundamentally reconsider its approaches. Fearing the implications of the collapse of DPRK can only encourage it to act more reckless and ignore anyone’s advice.

There should no longer be any illusions over the current DPRK leadership. The solidarity of the international community is the only way to deal with DPRK reckless gambles to take the advantages created by any inconsistency within the international community.

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