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Institutions needed to uphold government probity

Comments on Michael Stutchbury “Probity imperilled by spending spree”, 23/06/2009, http://blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/currentaccount/index.php/theaustralian/comments/probity_imperilled_by_spending_spre/

It seems there are some implications from the revelation of this article.

First, from Charlton's work in these areas, one has to wonder how much he contributed to the Rudd economic essay. How Rudd changed from a pre-election economic conservative to a government interventionist, and a social democratic in a short year?

Second, given the Rudd government's blunders in managing the budget and government spending so far or just in a few months, who or which bureaucratic agencies are responsible for advising the government on economic policies and government budget and spending? Why has the influence of one advisor been so influential? What did Treasury and Finance do in the process over the past few months, starting from last September or October?

Third, should a statutory body be established to publicly examine or audit government spending or expenditures, their effectiveness and efficiency, their costs to have the government accountable for its policies? The nation can’t afford reckless government spending and political favourism and corruption.

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