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Choices are better than forces: a comment on budget changes to the age of aged pensions

Comments on Robert Gottliebsen “A new age for old age”, 19/05/2009, http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Waiting-for-a-new-age-pd20090519-S6TY5?OpenDocument&src=sph.

Both the government and the Treasury officials have adopted authoritarian approach to public policies, because they saw no accountability for whatever they could do. So they, at a flip of a hand or a pen (or a stupid though, one might say), they dictated people to have to work two years longer for them to be able to receive aged pension. What a bunch of powerful people they are!

Clearly, this, as so many things in the budget, appears to have been made on the run. They are the dark-room products of an inexperienced government and incompetent officials. They should congratulate themselves for what is a difficult job that they are still employed at the time of a great recession!

What a remarkable achievement! Congratulations, your majesty – the government politicians and Treasury officials!

Why don’t they provide choices that people of old age can work if they so choose and can retire if that is what they choose to do? By working, one can have more revenue and a better living standard. By retiring they will be satisfied with their income levels and enjoy being free from working. That is a choice of life style that everyone can make for themselves, why must the government and the Treasury officials force people to have to follow their policy mistakes and myopic view of the world?

Don't you see the costs associated with your mistaken "regulations"?

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