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Greene confusions regarding regulation

Comments on Bill Greene’s comments on “The state of economics”, by Doug McTaggart, Christopher Findlay and Michael Parkin, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/05/21/the-state-of-economics/#comments

Bill, what is your point? Forgiving me being slow, but I really have difficulties in making sure what you were talking about. You started with a quoted sentence, did you support that or arguing against it?

You talked about "some of the "right" regulation was eliminated. Does it mean we got more or less regulation, albeit the "right" one?

You talked about "the harm done by central planning under big government programs"; I have also heard the US government outsourcing to reduce government size. I am not living in the US and don't have firsthand experience of the size of government programs and the "right" or wrong government regulation, or wether too much or too little regulation. Can you enlighten me on those, please?

I am eagerly waiting.

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