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The North Korea regime must change its behaviour to survive

Comments on Mark Jacobs and Shiro Armstrong’s comments on “Roos to Japan” by Tobias Harris, 25/05/2009, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/05/25/roos-to-japan/

I think the members of the six parties may all have failed on the NK nuclear issue.

The world must be tired of being held as hostage by the current NK leadership. The carrot era is gone and now stick must be used. Many have been so frustrated by its missile tests, now the second and more powerful nuclear test, after it was supposed to have dismantled its facility.

China needs to realise that the NK cannot be accommodated in any other way except that all parties must act together and be prepared to use all measures, including the last resort, to denuclearise the Korea peninsular, and to prevent any further proliferation.

China needs also to prepare itself for the worst that it may have to open its borders with NK for receiving many millions of refuges, and other countries, especially the US, Japan and Russia must be prepared to help China and Korea if that ever happens.

The UN Security Council should decide three things now. The first is to authorise the six parties for any measures they decide are appropriate to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korea peninsular, so there is no need for any future delay. The second is a call for sanctions against NK, except basic humanitarian aid. The six party members should immediately enforce the sanctions.

Lastly, the UN and the six party members should be prepared for the worst that there might be a need for a regime change, if NK were to continue its reckless provocations.

Besides, the US, China, Russia and the two Koreas must establish a new arrangement for the peace and stability of the Korea peninsular. Some key components of such a new peace agreement need to include the collective guarantee of the security of the two Koreas, if that is what the two sides want and the consequential withdrawal of the US forces from the peninsular. The withdrawal of the US forces is premised on the security guarantee of the South side from the agreement.

Only this will create a long lasting peace and stability in the North East Asia region. How the two Koreas achieve their unification will be a matter for them to sort out.

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