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A point on the virtues of bulls versus bears

Cooments on Cassandra Wilkinson’s “Gekko was right after all”, 25/05/2009, http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25531334-5017272,00.html

Cassandra Wilkinson has made a point. That is, bulls and bears in the stock markets.

Bubbles in stock markets have been driven by the bulls in the market participants. But when they burst, the bears in the market are in the centre stage and full control.

Although the stock markets world-wide may have recovered from their recent lows, many markets including housing markets as well as the economy in many countries are still definitely bearing. To break the grips from the bears, we need many bulls to come to the stage, or to turn many current bears into bulls.

Yes, it may seem ironic. It was the bulls that cased the bubbles in the first place, but unfortunately what we need most at the moment is bulls and more bulls. We need them to boost confidence! There are too many bears around now and we are bearing. We need strong bulling spirit to get us out this great recession!

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