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A lesson from North Korea nuke test - all countries should follow international laws

Comments on Tobias Harris “The North Korea test: a study of powerlessness”, 28/05/2009, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2009/05/27/the-north-korean-test-a-study-in-powerlessness/

It is already very bad to see a nuclear proliferation by the North Korea regime. It would be much worse to see another one by Japan. It is unthinkable. It also indicates the urgency to bring the North Korea regime to the road of denuclearisation as quickly as possible. The six party members must act together resolutely and effectively.

Anyone, Japan included, should not use the recent test by the North Korea as an excuse to pursue nuclear proliferation. Someone’s violation of international laws does not make it right for any other one to violate them. Any violation is intolerable and should be dealt with accordingly and effectively.

The international community needs to enforce international laws in a meaningful, just and effective way. The international war crimes courts should be focused more on what is happening now, rather than being used as a tool of witch hunt for some past events in an unjust and unbalanced way. The court should establish its credibility and should become more effective deterrence for future offenders.

The UN Security Council should have the power to intervene to make the court accountable to the international community through the UN representation system.

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