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Percy Allan has an excellent idea in government governance

Comments on Michael Stutchbury “How to defuse population bomb”, 6/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/how-to-defuse-population-bomb/story-e6frg6zo-1225850074371

Percy Allan's idea of a state funded network of public, not-for-profit and private organisations to serve the public, which are then held to account against agreed yardsticks, is excellent.

I have long thought that the current parliament politics of democracy has significant shortcomings, as manifested in many problems with the federal government's stimulus programs and spending.

A better and more ideal governance could be government sets the directions based on advices and then leave the implementations such as when, where and how to spend, to independent agencies.

Publicly funded independent organisations can also inform the public and taxpayers on government directions and priorities, assisting in their understanding and evaluation on whether they are good or not.

Much of the current public services could be transformed to those types of publicly funded independent organisations accountable to parliament as opposed to government of the day.

With a strong network of independent public organisations, taxpayers’ money will be better spend, public policies will be more effective and efficiently implemented, the short term, myopic and partisan approach of the current political system can be overcome.

The governance of the government and political parties will be improved significantly.

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