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What Rudd should concentrate on?

Comments on Gary Johns “Brumby stands up to PM on health”, 15/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/brumby-stands-up-to-pm-on-health/story-e6frg6zo-1225853793468

I concur with Johns completely on this issue.

Rudd has shown in full that he is not strategic, but micro managing, control freak, by slow and dripping style release of his package, but in the end still a incomplete, half cocked and incoherent plan.

While he wishes to present to the public that he is very much focused on health and spending time on this issue by visiting hospitals and giving seminars, much of his time and the federal health minister’s could have been spent on making their health reform plan much better and much more effective.

It is just superficial and low quality politics to hide their incompetence.

It is good that the public have got an alternative plan from a State premier to compare and consider. The dissatisfaction for the current state of public hospitals of the public should not mean that any change will be better or the Commonwealth government can do better in health.

So far its service deliveries have been extremely poor. Look no further than the home insulation program, the wastes in the BER.

It will be in the nation’s interest to have a good health reform plan. Definitely the current Rudd Roxon plan is far from good enough.

Instead of having an empty political show by visiting more hospitals and having more photos for the media, he and Roxon should concentrate on how to get a good health reform plan.

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