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Rudd's revolution, what is it?

Comments on Dennis Shanahan “Leader exposes the flaws in Rudd's revolution”, 9/10/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/leader-exposes-the-flaws-in-rudds-revolution/story-e6frg6zo-1225851594386

It is good to have competition of ideas and plans from different governments, given that the national health issue is inter-governmental, especially due to the fact that the Rudd plan requires the States handing over 30% of their GST revenue to the Commonwealth to make it possible for the Commonwealth to have the capacity to fund 60%. Otherwise, it would not have that capacity.

It is no different from asking the States to give their money to Commonwealth for the Commonwealth to say it funds the national health services.

Rudd should have made more options available, e.g., give more money, say a proportion of Commonwealth revenue, to the States to have them as the sole funder and provider.

If Rudd is not prepared to do that, his current plan is hypocritical and cynical both politically and intellectually.

One cannot be the rule maker of a game and also the first to choose which side to play.

That is just not fair, and not right.

It is even more absurd for the prime minister not only to do that and to threaten the States with a referendum, especially in the wake of so many failures of his government’s short two years since came to power.

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