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Time to test Rudd's leadership

Comments on Joe Kelly “NSW Premier Kristina Keneally rejects Rudd's GST clawback to fund health reforms”, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/politics/nsw-premier-kristina-kenneally-rejects-rudds-gst-clawback-to-fund-health-reforms/story-e6frgczf-1225854563961

It is a real test of Rudd's leadership skills so far he has not demonstrated in dealing with other people.

Now it is the state premiers at the negotiation table and he has been asking them to give him 30% of their GST.

If Rudd is a true national leader, he should have a plan C, in additional to his plan B that is going for a referendum.

He should seriously consider a compromise between his and the Brumby plans and leave rooms for everyone including him.

There is not much time left, but if he either is capable or has got good people surrounding him he should be able to do a compromised and good deal on health reform.

It is a really seriourly testing time and is all up to Rudd himself now.

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