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Time for Gillard to be frank and truthful with the public

Comments on Joe Kelly “Gillard hires banker hired to unearth schools stimulus rorts”, 12/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/schools-watch/gillard-hires-banker-hired-to-unearth-schools-stimulus-rorts/story-fn56ulhe-1225852800384

The longer Gillard says the scale of the program means rorts are inevitable, the more she will lose with the public and taxpayers.

It is no longer tenable to continue to run that already being exposed to be a failed argument.

She should be truthful with the public to restore trust, given that she is possibly the only significant figure from the Rudd ministry who has not lost that trust completely.

She is the sole useful assets at this moment and the only hope of the ALP for the next election.

The earlier she is aware of that, the better off she will be. So will the Rudd ministry.

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