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Develop an institutional framework for an East Asian community

Comments on Satoshi Amako “China as a ‘Great Power’ and East Asian integration”, 4/04/2010, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2010/04/04/china-as-a-great-power-and-east-asian-integration/

This article appears to be fairly constructive, although some of its views may clearly be outdated and incorrect, such as the characterisation of the “Chinese conception of world order”.

I would focus on what is likely to be more important to a successful East Asian community that will benefit all East Asian countries including China.

I regard it extremely important to develop a representative, democratic, dynamic and flexible regional governing mechanism that recognises both national sovereignty and contributions, that is fair representation, responsibility and accountability.

To that end, nations should have open dialogues and discussions.

I think the current political system of representative and senate mechanism has some attraction.

The representative half is good for representation of contributions and population, hence responsibility and accountability. The senate half recognises the sovereignty irrespective a nation's size. A combination of these two should be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of every member.

The concern of a Chinese hegemony in an East Asian community can be addressed in that framework. The rights and interest of small and smaller nations can be safeguarded.

Having said that, I would argue that can only act as a default or fall back position. Nations should seek to develop an even better and more superior system for an effective and beneficial regional community.

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