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Rann versus Brumby - who is better on health?

Comments on Joe Kelly “Don't stuff up Rudd's health deal for the states, Mike Rann warns John Brumby”, 14/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/politics/dont-stuff-up-rudds-health-deal-for-the-states-mike-rann-warns-john-brumby/story-e6frgczf-1225853503734

Mr Rann is wrong to ask other States to do what he think it is best for South Australia.

He is wrong both politically and intellectually.

If he thought about and supported the 50-50 option earlier, he should rally behind it now, as opposed to the 60-40 model.

On intellectual and policy grounds, if Rann thinks the Australian people wanted to see Canberra take action on health reform, then he should think about what it means really.

Does it mean any actions, such as the pink batts insulation, or the wasteful BER?

Or do the Australian people want much better ones?

Mr Rann should not take political expedience as the solution to the nation's health issue!
That is just too lazy, too silly, too incompetent and too irresponsible, as a premier!

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