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Reforming the APS and improving policies and services

This is still work in progress.

It has followed the release on 29 March 2010 of Ahead of the Game: Blueprint for the reform of Australian government administration, Commissioned by the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and undertaken by the Advisory Group headed by PMC department secretary Terry Moran.

Key points:

  1. Centralise corporate and IT services of all APS
  2. Centralise the recruitment of most APS and done by APSC
  3. Reduce the number of departments and agencies, so the APS is not highly segmented and the whole of government approach can be more easily implemented
  4. Establish an APS economic policy committee, an APS community services committee and an security and foreign policy committee, under a public service board
  5. Establish a public service board
  • PM as the chair
  • PMC secretary as the deputy chair
  • consisting of a number of departmental secretaries and community representatives
  • the board coordinates all APS and determines priority and efficient services delivery
  • fixed quarterly meeting of board, augumented by ad hoc meetings proposed by two board memebers or the deputy chair
  • secretariat housed in APSC or PMC

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